editation is a magical way of living that can help us to connect our mind, body, and soul. Our mind is like a fragile maze that needs to align with our body because once we enter the maze, the only way out is to understand that we are the ones…

Escapade after escapade, you come to a point where your life is incomplete without fresh air from a ride amongst the hills. After getting the Bajaj Dominar, reaching destinations has not been a problem. Being a perfect riding companion for adrenaline junkies like me, my Domi and I have a…

“The mountains are calling.”, said my inner state of mind. As my last exam concluded, I decided that its time to go in search of solitude and inner peace. Having set our GPS to one of the best destination getaways, I along with my friend Roshan, boarded the train to Madurai.

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

Nowadays, any place feels peaceful enough, with the right company and right state of mind. As we approached Madurai, the temple vibes started to kick in. We could experience an aura of positive energy as we approached the Meenakshi Temple.

Unexpected trips are the best trips. Period.

'Where to next ?’ : I ask this question myself, whenever I need a getaway from my usual routine. Tatkal booking is a blessing to all the last minute trip planners. Udupi, here I come.

Earphones on

Hoodie on

Joggers on.

Spending almost…

Vinay R Chandran

Content Creator, Bloom In Green Festival Crew

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