Kozhikode — A Place Where The Hues Play With Your Mind

Being yet another one of my escapades from my stressful college life, Kozhikode gripped onto me like a chained playful puppy. Hitting the beach at 3.00 pm was inappropriate due to the not so comfortable heat but we had no option as time was playing with our heads. The skyline took me by surprise — all the colours and all the activity.

Flying freely in the raging winds, each of the triangular faces told me a different story. I sunk my feet into the hot sands just so that my legs can feel the blue. Sad to say that my poetic mind was tickled by the sight of a dead fish.

'I will feel the chill

I will feel the waves

I will feel the wind

I will feel the light

I will not feel the sand.’

— Dead fish.

The sun always manages to capture my attention. It portrays a different perspective for us to view its movement. The orange-yellow horizon is waiting for the orange ball to sink in.

Orange,blue,green and yellow balloons of happiness ran past me. Holding on tightly to the balloon sticks, the girl ran against the winds.

You can see the innocence in their eyes. The sights the beach provided was vivid and colourful.

Fruits cut and soaked in brine is a must eat when you come to Calicut Beach. A toss of the chilly sauce provided is enough to fill your tastebuds with a blast of flavour. It is a salty addiction, indeed.

Saying goodbye to the beach, I along with my friends grabbed the next bus to NIT, Calicut. College fests are nothing without the lights, the music, the crowd and the laughter .NIT never fails to create an adaptable atmosphere for a stranger to be at peace.

RAGAM 2017 was a visual treat — the trippy walks down the stage, the galloping beats and the flexible moves.

Shuttling between college blocks, all of us could see all the good visuals. We met a random musician, who jammed the songs that we suggested and blessed our ears with good music.

Familiar faces talked to me as I walked past them. Seniors, juniors, classmates — Well, college life is an actual emotion, no matter what people say it is.

Dark rooms, strangely lighted corridors and streetlights can paint your mind with beautiful images.

College hostel corridors always tried not to resemble a hospital corridor but still gave me the occasional creeps. Walking lazily down the corridors after a night’s sleep lets your inner laziness to reach a state of nirvana.

It was time to leave Calicut. Eating a biriyani from Rahmath and tasting a whole lot of different halwas added to the points. Each time I come to Calicut, it presents itself to me in a different way which always manages to surprise me.Bidding farewell to Calicut, I stepped onto the train feeling contented. A train full of happy lads, having enjoyed their moments together and waiting to step on yet another train to yet another destination.

(P.S : All photos were taken using Nikon D5500 and Moto G4 Plus.)

Content Creator, Bloom In Green Festival Crew